Director File: Michel Gondry

"I always hated pretentious commercials and videos before I started directing, not following the typical and saying that people are all fashion. It has always been my goal to make people feel alright when they watch my work."

Michel Gondry was born and raised in Versailles, France. Now in his early fifties, his repertoire is legendary. He has scripted inspiring imagery in the form of commercials, music videos, shorts, and feature films. He is partially credited with reviving the music-video format in the 1990's. And he has been named a genius by too many people to count.

Michel Gondry's age is deceiving, however: his works are marked with a child-like innocence. Like old-school hip-hop, Gondry's films are his playground. He tells stories about people and their lives while questioning our definitions of reality. His characters are honest and human and his worlds playfully reflect the interaction between the worlds we live in: nature, society, and the mind.

The turning point in his career was Björk. As the story goes, the Icelandic singer saw a few of his videos, including one of the videos for his former band, Oui Oui, and gave him a call. After some exchanging of ideas, they created her unforgettable solo debut, Human Behaviour.

That was 1993. Between then and now he has conquered music video, won an Oscar (for co-writing Eternal Sunshine), and had a son (Paul).

Michel has worked on eleven feature films: from the $228 million success of the Green Hornet to the almost generation-defining Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. His films are sometimes filmed in English, sometimes in French, and are sometimes documentaries (see I've Been Twelve Forever, 2010's The Thorn in the Heart, 2014's Is The Man who is Tall Happy?).

Besides creating feature film work for Partizan and company, Michel has released two DVD collections of his award-winning videos, ads and shorts.

He lives in Brooklyn.