artist "song" director
!!! "hello? is this thing on?" LAURENT BRIET
...and you will know us by the trail of dead "another morning stoner" BRUCE DICKSON
...and you will know us by the trail of dead "relative ways" CONRAD KEELY / JAMES OLSEN / BRUCE DICKSON / TRAIL OF DEAD
...and you will know us by the trail of dead "the rest will follow" SHAUN PETERSON
µ-ziq "the fear" DOUG AITKEN
1 giant leap feat. maxi jazz and robbie williams "my culture" TIM HOPE
1 giant leap feat. speech and neneh cherry "braided hair" JAMIE CATTO / DUNCAN BRIDGEMAN
1.8.7. "we are not alone" MSKW1
10,000 maniacs "because the night" (unplugged) MILTON LAGE
100 demons "repeat process" DALE RESTEGHINI
1000 clowns "(not the) greatest rapper" MARK KOHR
187 lockdown "kung fu" STEVE PRICE
1plus1 "cherry bomb" STEVEN MURASHIGE
2 live crew "me so horny"
2pac "keep ya head up" DAVID DOBKIN
2pac feat. nas "thugz mansion (acoustic)" DAVID NELSON
2pac feat. rl "until the end of time" CHRIS HAFNER
2pac feat. the notorious b.i.g. "runnin' (dying to live)" PHILIP G. ATWELL
3 speaker high "have a good time" DAVE GARGANI
30 seconds to mars "attack" PAUL FEDOR
311 "all mixed up" DANTE ARIOLA / JAY PAPKE
32 leaves "blood on my hands" DALE RESTEGHINI
4 non blondes "what's up?" MORGAN LAWLEY
4th avenue jones' "move on" JESSY TERRERO
4th avenue jones' "respect" ANTHONY MANDLER
50 cent "in da club" PHILIP G. ATWELL
50 cent feat. nate dogg "21 questions" PHILIP G. ATWELL / DR. DRE / DAMON JOHNSON
50 cent feat. snoop dogg and g-unit "p.i.m.p. (remix)" CHRIS ROBINSON
59 times the pain "turn at 25th"
808 state feat. m. doughty "bond" MIKA KALLWASS
a change of pace "loose lips sink ships" GREG GUNN
a perfect circle "3 libras" PAUL HUNTER
a perfect circle "imagine" GERALD CASALE
a perfect circle "judith" DAVID FINCHER
a perfect circle "passive" THE BROTHERS STRAUSE
a perfect circle "weak and powerless" THE BROTHERS STRAUSE
a perfect murder "body and blood" JEAN-PHILLIPE BERNIER
a thousand falling skies "giving in" DAVID BRODSKY
a tribe called quest "award tour" JOSH TAFT
a tribe called quest "check the rhime" JIM SWAFFIELD
a tribe called quest "electric relaxation (relax yourself girl)" JOSH TAFT
a tribe called quest "jazz (we've got)/buggin' out" JIM SWAFFIELD
a tribe called quest "oh my god" JOSH TAFT
a tribe called quest "scenario" JIM SWAFFIELD
a.18 "broke the blue" DARREN DOANE / ISAAC GOLUB
aaliyah "are you that somebody?" MARK GERARD
aaliyah "more than a woman" DAVE MEYERS
aaliyah "rock the boat" HYPE WILLIAMS
aaliyah "try again" WAYNE ISHAM
aaliyah feat. timbaland "we need a resolution" PAUL HUNTER
aaron hall "i miss you" OKUWAH
abra moore "four leaf clover" NANCY BARDAWIL
ac/dc "satellite blues" ANDY MORAHAN
ac/dc "stiff upper lip" ANDY MORAHAN
ace of base "all that she wants" MATT BROADLEY
ace of base "beautiful life" RICHARD HESLOP
ace of base "living in danger" MATT BROADLEY
ace of base "the sign" MATHIAS JULIEN
action action "don't cut your fabric" BOYLE / PRONER
action action "drug like" DALE RESTEGHINI
adam ant "wonderful" TONY KUNEWALDER
adam clayton & larry mullen "theme from mission: impossible" KEVIN GODLEY
adam f. "circles" JEROME REDFERN
adam richman "the loneliness song" THE NOVA PROJECT
adam sandler "the chanukah song" KEITH TRUESDALE
adem "these are your friends" TRUNK
aereogramme "zionist timing" KEN NEIL
aerosmith "amazing" MARTY CALLNER
aerosmith "cryin'" MARTY CALLNER
aerosmith "living on the edge" MARTY CALLNER
aesop rock "fast cars" ASIF MIAN
aesop rock "freeze" MICHAEL KUHN
aesop rock "no jumper cables (style wars mix)" JOEY GARFIELD
afghan whigs "gentlemen" ROCKY SCHENCK
afghan whigs "somethin' hot" BANKS TARVER
afi "girl's not grey" DAVID SLADE
afi "silver & cold" JOHN HILLCOAT
afi "the leaving song - part ii" MARC WEBB
afi "totalimmortal" BRENT WARONIECKI
afro celt sound system feat. peter gabriel "when you're falling" ADAM BERG
against me! "don't lose touch" PHILIP ANDELMAN
agnostic front "gotta go" DREW STONE
agnostic front "riot, riot upstart"
aimee mann "save me" PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON
aimee mann "that's just what you are"
air "all i need" MIKE MILLS
air "alpha beta gaga" MATTHIEU TONETTI
air "cherry blossom girl (mostly uncensored)" KRIS KRAMSKI
air "cherry blossom girl" KRIS KRAMSKI
air "how does it make you feel?" ANTOINE BARDOU-JACQUET / ROMAIN GUILLON
air "kelly watch the stars" MIKE MILLS
air "le soleil est prs de moi" MIKE MILLS
air "playground love" SOFIA COPPOLA / ROMAN COPPOLA
air "radio #1" ALEX & MARTIN
air "sexy boy" MIKE MILLS
airborn audio "inside the globe" JOEY GARFIELD
al green "i can't stop" ALLEN HUGHES
alanis morissette "hand in my pocket" MARK KOHR
alanis morissette "ironic" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
alanis morissette "thank u" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
alanis morissette "you learn" LIZ FRIEDLANDER
alanis morissette "you oughta know" NICK EGAN
album leaf, the "on your way" FLUORESCENT HILL
alec empire "22:24" SHAUN MAGHER
alex gopher "party people" QUENTIN DUPIEUX
alice in chains "no excuses" MATT MAHURIN
alien ant farm "attitude" THE MALLOYS
alien ant farm "glow" MARC KLASFELD / VEM AND TONY
alien ant farm "movies (version one)" MARCOS SIEGA
alien ant farm "movies (version two)" MARC KLASFELD
alien ant farm "smooth criminal" MARK KLASFELD
alien ant farm "these days" MARC KLASFELD
alien crime syndicate "ozzy" ALEXANDER KOSTA
all "world's on heroin" HOP MANSKI
all that remains "tattered on my sleeve" DAVID BRODSKY
alpinestars "burning up" PAUL WILLIAMS
amel larrieux "get up" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
american head charge "cowards" DARREN DOANE
american head charge "loyalty" MIKE SLOAT
amon tobin "4 ton mantis" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
amon tobin "slowly" BEN RIVERS
amon tobin feat. mc decimal r "verbal" ALEXANDER RUTTERFORD
amos lee "arms of a woman" BO MEHRAD
amy grant "big yellow taxi" MICHAEL GEOGHEGAN
amy grant "every heartbeat"
amy grant "lucky one" BRONWEN HUGHES
an angle "white horse" SHANE C. DRAKE
andrew w.k. "never let down" ALEXANDER KOSTA
android lust "stained" DANIEL OUELLETTE
angie martinez "dem thangs" JESSY TERRERO
angie martinez feat. wyclef jean "coast 2 coast (suavamente)" TERRY HELLER
angra "wishing well" REINALDO LECUK / RUI BARBOSA
ani difranco "in or out" ANI DIFRANCO
ani difranco "joyful girl (remix)" ANI DIFRANCO
animals on wheels "never in and never out" ANDY COLEMAN
anna nalick "breathe (2am)" PAULA WALKER
annie "heartbeat" MARK ADCOCK
annie lennox "a whiter shade of pale" ANNIE LENNOX / JOE DYER
annie lennox "cold" SOPHIE MULLER
annie lennox "keep young and beautiful" SOPHIE MULLER
annie lennox "legend in my living room" SOPHIE MULLER
annie lennox "little bird" SOPHIE MULLER
annie lennox "mama" MELODIE MCDANIEL
annie lennox "money can't buy it" SOPHIE MULLER
annie lennox "no more i love you's" ANNIE LENNOX / JOE DYER
annie lennox "primitive" SOPHIE MULLER
annie lennox "something so right" ANNIE LENNOX / JOE DYER
annie lennox "the gift" SOPHIE MULLER
annie lennox "waiting in vain" ANNIE LENNOX / JOE DYER
annie lennox "walking on broken glass" SOPHIE MULLER
annie lennox "why" SOPHIE MULLER
annie lennox & al green "put a little love in your heart" SOPHIE MULLER
annihilator "all for you"
antipop consortium "ghostlawns" CARLOS ARIAS
antipop consortium "perpendicular/vector" KALIBER 16 (MARKUS WAMBSGANSS)
antony and the johnsons "hope there's someone" GLEN FOGEL
anubian lights "wild winter (verison one)" ADELE BERTEI
anubian lights "wild winter (verison two)" ADELE BERTEI
apes "black tears" DIVYA SRINIVASAN
apex theory "apossibly" STYLEWAR
apex theory "shhh... (hope diggy)" VEM AND TONY
aphasia "flatline" CHRISTOPHER SIMS
aphex twin "come to daddy" CHRIS CUNNINGHAM
aphex twin "donkey rhubarb" DAVID SLADE
aphex twin "nannou" LAURENT BRIET
aphex twin "ventolin" STEVE DOUGHTON / GAVIN WILSON
aphex twin "windowlicker" CHRIS CUNNINGHAM
aphrodite feat. barrington levy "all over me" CRIMEAN
aphrodite feat. schoolly d "hoochie (ultra clean version)" CRIMEAN
aphrodite feat. schoolly d "hoochie" CRIMEAN
aqualung "brighter than sunshine" NORMAN WATSON
aqueduct "hardcore days & softcore nights" TODD LINCOLN
arizona amp and alternator "bottom of the barrel" AMY VON HARRINGTON
arlo "linger on" JOHN LINDAUER
armand van helden "into your eyes" JON WATTS / WAVERLY FILMS
arrested development "ease my mind" KEITH WARD
arrested development "mr. wendal" KEITH WARD
arrested development "revolution" SPIKE LEE
arrested development "tennessee" MILCHO MANCHEVSKI
arsonists "pyromaniax/backdraft" CAP'N VIDEO (NICK REGALBUTO)
art of noise "close (to the edit)" ZBIGNIEW RYBCZYNSKI
ascii disko "strassen" JARON ALBERTIN
ashlee simpson "boyfriend" MARC WEBB
ashlee simpson "la la" JOSEPH KAHN
ashlee simpson "pieces of me" STEFAN SMITH
ashlee simpson "shadow" LIZ FRIEDLANDER
aslyn "be the girl" PHIL HARDER
astrud gilberto feat. stan getz "girl from ipanema" ALEX GABASSI
at the drive-in "one armed scissor" (version two) AT THE DRIVE-IN
atari teenage riot "atari teenage riot" PHILIPP VIRUS
atari teenage riot "revolution action" PHILLIPP REICHEN
atari teenage riot "revolution action" (concept version) ANDREA GIACOBBE
atari teenage riot "sick to death" PHILLIP REICHENHEIM
athlete "half light" JAMIE THRAVES
atreyu "ain't love grand" DARREN DOANE
atreyu "lip gloss and black" SEAN STIEGEMEIER
atreyu "the crimson" SEAN STEIGEMEYER
audio bullys "we don't care" WALTER STERN
audioslave "be yourself" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
audioslave "cochise" MARK ROMANEK
auf der maur "followed the waves" JESSE PERETZ
autechre "bass cadet" JESS SCOTT HUNTER
autechre "gantz graf" ALEXANDER RUTTERFORD
autechre "second bad vilbel (re-edit)" CHRIS CUNNINGHAM
autechre "second bad vilbel" CHRIS CUNNINGHAM
avalanches "frontier psychiatrist" KUNTZ & MAGUIRE
avoid one thing "chopstick bridge" MIKE KUELL / JEN COBB
az "gimme yours" JOSEPH KAHN
az "sugar hill" DIANE MARTEL
azure ray "new resolution" SAM JONES
azure ray "we are mice" NIK FACKLER
b-52's "love shack" ADAM BERNSTEIN
b-52's "roam" ADAM BERNSTEIN
baby gopal "lost generation" KAT DEL BUONO
baby gopal "shiva" KAT DEL BUONO
babyface "when can i see you again" RANDEE ST. NICHOLAS
bad brains "i against i" PAUL RACHMAN
bad religion "21st century (digital boy)" GORE VERBINSKI
bad religion "a walk" DAVID BRAGGER
bad religion "american jesus" GORE VERBINSKI
badly drawn boy "another pearl" GRANT GEE
badly drawn boy "disillusion" HAMMER & TONGS
badly drawn boy "once around the block" SUZY EWING
badly drawn boy "year of the rat" MONKMUS
bag "I can't stand your face" CASSEUS
baha men "move it like this" BRYAN BARBER
baha men "you all dat" ERIC HEIMBOLD
bahamadia "uknowhowwedu" BRIAN "BLACK" LUVAR
baldwin brothers feat. miho hatori "dream girl" LAURENCE THRUSH
bananarama "venus" PETER CARE
barenaked ladies "get in line" PHIL HARDER
barenaked ladies "one week" MCG
barenaked ladies "the old apartment" JASON PRIESTLY
barrio boyzz "how we roll" LIONEL C. MARTIN
barry adamson "black amour" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
basement jaxx "bingo bango" SIMON RATCLIFFE / FELIX BUXTON / JERRY CHATER
basement jaxx "red alert" BRIAN BELETIC
basement jaxx "rendez-vu" EVAN BERNARD
basement jaxx "rooty" ANDY HUTCH
basement jaxx "u don't know me" MAT KIRKBY
basement jaxx "where's your head at" TRAKTOR
basement jaxx feat. lisa kekaula "good luck" MAT KIRKBY
baxter "television" JOHAN RENCK
baz luhrmann "everybody's free (to wear sunscreen)" BILL BARMINSKI
beachwood sparks "by your side" CHAD MISNER
beans "mutescreamer" ADAM LEVITE
beastie boys "alive (remix)" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "alive" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "body movin'" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "ch-check it out (just blaze remix)" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "ch-check it out" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "gratitude" DAVID PEREZ
beastie boys "hey ladies" ADAM BERNSTEIN
beastie boys "holy snappers" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "intergalactic" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "looking down the barrel of a gun" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "netty's girl" TAMRA DAVIS
beastie boys "pass the mic" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "ricky's theme" SPIKE JONZE
beastie boys "right right now now" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "root down" EVAN BERNARD
beastie boys "root down" (live) SPIKE JONZE
beastie boys "sabotage" SPIKE JONZE
beastie boys "shadrach" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "shake your rump" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "so whatcha want" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "something's got to give" ARI MARCOPOULOS
beastie boys "sure shot" SPIKE JONZE
beastie boys "three mc's & one dj" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys "triple trouble" NATHANIAL HÖRNBLOWÉR
beastie boys feat. miho hatori "start!" BEASTIE BOYS
beatles "i want to hold your hand"
beautiful mistake, the "this is who you are" SHANE C. DRAKE
bebel gilberto "all around" JOHN WOOD
beck "beercan" STEVEN HANFT
beck "black tambourine (version one)" ASSOCIATES IN SCIENCE
beck "black tambourine (version two)" ASSOCIATES IN SCIENCE
beck "deadweight" MICHEL GONDRY
beck "devil's haircut" MARK ROMANEK
beck "e-pro" SHYNOLA
beck "girl" MOTION THEORY
beck "jackass" STEVEN HANFT
beck "loser" STEVEN HANFT
beck "lost cause (performance version)" MICHAEL PALMIERI
beck "lost cause" GARTH JENNINGS
beck "mixed bizness" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
beck "nicotine & gravy" FULLERENE
beck "pay no mind" STEVEN HANFT
beck "sexx laws" BECK HANSEN
beck "the new pollution" BECK HANSEN
beck "where it's at" STEVEN HANFT
bedouin soundclash "when the night feels my song" CHRIS MCDERMOTT
beep beep "executive foliage" JASON KULBEL
bees, a band of "chicken payback" THOMAS HILLAND
belle & sebastian "dirty dream number two" LANCE BANGS
belle & sebastian "is it wicked not to care?" BELLE & SEBASTIAN
belle & sebastian "legal man" ISOBEL CAMPBELL
belle & sebastian "step into my office, baby" GRAHAM LINEHAN
belle & sebastian "the wrong girl" STEVIE JACKSON / LANCE BANGS
bellini "me gusta la vida" ERIC WILL
belly "now they'll sleep" CHRIS APPLEBAUM
beloved "death to traitors" STEVE PEDULLA / MORTIMER JONES
ben folds five "army" EVAN BERNARD
ben folds five "battle of who could care less" NORWOOD CHEEK
ben folds five "brick" KEVIN BRAY
ben folds five "don't change your plans" ABEL FERRARA
ben folds five "one angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces" PETER CHRISTOPHERSON
ben harper "diamonds on the inside" THE MALLOYS
ben harper "faded" J.P. PLUNIER / WYATT TROLL
ben harper "with my own two hands" THE MALLOYS
ben harper and the innocent criminals "burn to shine" J.P. PLUNIER / LANCE ACORD
ben harper and the innocent criminals "steal my kisses" J.P. PLUNIER
ben lee "catch my disease" EVAN BERNARD
ben lee "no room to bleed" GREGORY BRUNKALLA
ben lee "nothing much happens" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
benjamin diamond "there is a girl" NICOLAS HIDIROGLOU
bentley rhythm ace "bentley's gonna sort you out" HAMMER & TONGS
beta band "assessment" BETA BAND (JOHN MCLEAN / ROBIN JONES)
beta band "broke" ED GILL
beta band "inner meet me" BETA BAND
beta band "outside" BETA BAND [JOHN MCLEAN / ROBIN JONES]
beta band "round the bend" BETA BAND
beta band "squares (version one)" JAMES & ALEX
beta band "squares (version two)" JOHN MACLEAN
beth orton "anywhere (two lone swordsmen remix)" JULIAN GIBBS
beth orton "best bit" STEVEN HANFT
beth orton "central reservation" SOPHIE MULLER
beth orton "concrete sky" MIKE MILLS
beth orton "she cries your name" ELLEN NOLAN
beth orton "stolen car" HAL HARTLEY
bette midler "to deserve you" MARCUS NISPEL
between the buried and me "mordecai" IAN LARSON
beulah "gene autry" UNITED BREAD
beulah "gravity's bringing us down" VIDEOMACHINE [RICHARD SCHREIBER / ANTHONY F. YANKOVIC III]
bif naked "letdown" PETER KARROL
bif naked "moment of weakness" MARCOS SIEGA
biffy clyro "justboy" WILL HTAY
big bad voodoo daddy "you and me and the bottle makes three tonight (baby)" TODD LEVIN
big l. feat. ag, stan spit, miss jones "holdin' it down" DAVID PALMER
big six "get rich / in my hood" DALE RESTEGHINI
bigdumbface "duke lion" WES BORLAND / MARC WEBB
bigod 20 "one"
bilal "love it" NZINGHA STEWART
bilal "soul sista" NZINGHA STEWART
bilal feat. dr. dre and jadakiss "fast lane (remix)" SANAA HAMRI
bis "tell it to the kids" EVAN BERNARD
bizzy bone "thugz cry" CHRIS STOKES
björk "aeroplane" (120 minutes live) JOE PEROTA
björk "alarm call" ALEXANDER MCQUEEN
björk "all is full of love" CHRIS CUNNINGHAM
björk "army of me" MICHEL GONDRY
björk "bachelorette" MICHEL GONDRY
björk "big time sensuality (night version)" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
björk "big time sensuality" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
björk "cocoon" EIKO ISHIOKA
björk "human behaviour" MICHEL GONDRY
björk "hunter" PAUL WHITE
björk "hyper-ballad" MICHEL GONDRY
björk "i miss you" JOHN KRICFALUSI
björk "isobel" MICHEL GONDRY
björk "it's in our hands" SPIKE JONZE
björk "it's oh so quiet" SPIKE JONZE
björk "jga" MICHEL GONDRY
björk "nature is ancient" LYNNFOX
björk "oceania" LYNNFOX
björk "pagan poetry" NICK KNIGHT
björk "play dead" DANNY CANNON
björk "possibly maybe" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
björk "venus as a boy" SOPHIE MULLER
björk "violently happy" JEAN-BAPTISTE MONDINO
black box recorder "child psychology" CLIO BARNARD
black crowes "high head blues" MICHEL GONDRY
black crowes "miracle to me" DARREN ANKENMAN
black crowes "remedy" PETE ANGELUS
black crowes "sometimes salvation" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
black crowes "soul singin'"
black eyed peas "b.e.p. empire" BRIAN BELETIC
black eyed peas "fallin' up" BRIAN BELETIC
black eyed peas "get original" ANTHONY MANDLER
black eyed peas "hey mama" FATIMA ROBINSON / RAINBOWS & VAMPIRES
black eyed peas "joints & jam" BRIAN BELETIC
black eyed peas "karma" BRIAN BELETIC
black eyed peas "shut up" THE MALLOYS
black eyed peas "where is the love" WILL.I.AM
black eyed peas feat. esthero "weekends" BRIAN BELETIC
black eyed peas feat. macy gray "request line" JOSEPH KAHN
black halos "some things never fall" SHAWN FEDORCHUK
black heart procession "did you wonder" MATTHEW HOYT / PALL JENKINS
black keys "10 a.m. automatic" DAVID CROSS
black maria, the "betrayal" XDOANEX
black rebel motorcycle club "love burns" ROBERT HALES
black rebel motorcycle club "stop" CHARLES MEHLING
black rebel motorcycle club "whatever happened to my rock n' roll (punk song)"
black sheep "strobelight honey"
black star "definition" DANIEL HASTINGS
black star feat. common "respiration" PIOTR SIKORA / BETSY BLAKEMORE
black strobe "me and madonna" NE-O
blackalicious "make you feel that way" JEFF RENFROE
blackfield "blackfield" LASSE HOILE
blackmore's night "christmas eve"
blackmore's night "once in a million years"
blackout pact "we drink so you don't have to" GREY SKY FILMS
blackouts "let you down" BRADLEY SCOTT
blanche "someday..." KEVIN CARRICO
bled, the "you know who's seatbelt" ZACH MERCK
bleip "clicks" PLEIX
blind boys of alabama "last month of the year" JASON HUBERT
blind boys of alabama "spirit in the sky" RAUB SHAPIRO
blind melon "no rain" SAMUEL BAYER
blind melon "three is a magic number" TOM YOHE
blindside "fell in love with the game" SHANE DRAKE
blink-182 "always" JOSEPH KAHN
blink-182 "down" ESTEVAN ORIOL
bloc party "banquet (version three)" SCOTT LYON
bloc party "helicopter" MINIVEGAS
bloc party "pioneers" MINIVEGAS
blockhead "insomniac olympics" SAM ARTHUR
blonde redhead "equus" CHRIS HOPEWELL
blonde redhead "melody" SLATER BRADLEY
blood of abraham "calling all citizens" WAVERLY FILMS / SEAN DONNELLY
blood of abraham "dangerous diseases" JONNIE ROSS
bloodhound gang "fire water burn" MICHAEL APEROWITZ
bloodhound gang "foxtrot uniform charlie kilo" MARC KLASFELD
bloodhound gang "mope" COUSIN MIKE
bloodhound gang "the bad touch" RICHARD REINES
bloodlet "cpai 75" DAN STEGER
bloodlet "holy rollin' homicide" CHRISTIAN WINTER
blow, the "knowing the things that I know" JUSTIN LOWE
blue man group feat. dave matthews "sing along" DAVID KELLOGG / BLUE MAN GROUP
blue six "music & wine" MILES O' MINT
blues explosion "burn it off" STYLEWAR
blues traveler "run-around" KEN FOX
blur "bang" WILLY SMAX
blur "beetlebum" SOPHIE MULLER
blur "charmless man" JAMIE THRAVES
blur "chemical world" DWIGHT CLARKE
blur "coffee & tv" HAMMER & TONGS
blur "country house" DAMIEN HURST
blur "crazy beat" SHYNOLA
blur "end of a century" MATTHEW LONGFELLOW
blur "for tomorrow" JULIEN TEMPLE
blur "girls and boys" KEVIN GODLEY
blur "m.o.r." JOHN HARDWICK
blur "music is my radar" DON CAMERON
blur "no distance left to run" THOMAS VINTERBERG
blur "on your own" SOPHIE MULLER
blur "out of time" JOHN HARDWICK
blur "parklife" PEDRO ROMHANYI
blur "popscene" DAVID MOULD
blur "she's so high" DAVE BALFE
blur "song 2" SOPHIE MULLER
blur "stereotypes" MATTHEW LONGFELLOW
blur "sunday sunday" DWIGHT CLARKE
blur "tender" GRANT GEE
blur "the universal" JONATHAN GLAZER
blur "there's no other way" DAVE BALFE
blur "to the end" DAVID MOULD
bob dylan "not dark yet" MICHAEL BOROFSKY
bob dylan "subterranean homesick blues" D.A. PENNEBAKER
bob log iii "string on a stick"
bob schneider "come with me tonight" BOB SCHNEIDER
bobby brown "on our own"
bobby conn and the glass gypsies "we come in peace" SIVAN GUR-ARIEH
bogdan raczynski "renegade platinum mega dance attack party" BEN DAWKINS
bone thugs-n-harmony "tha crossroads" MICHAEL MARTIN
bonnie "prince" billy "agnes, queen of sorrow" DAVID SHRIGLEY
bonnie "prince" billy "horses" BRADEN KING
bonobo "flutter" CONKERCO
bonobo "pick-up" CONKERCO
boomkat "the wreckoning" MARC KLASFELD
boss hog feat. jon spencer "i dig you" TAMRA DAVIS
bouncing souls "eastside mags" JAMIE STERN
boy george "the crying game" JEFF PANZER / DOUG KLUTHE
boy hits car "man without skin" SHAWN FOSTER
boyz ii men "thank you" LIONEL C. MARTIN
brainbug "nightmare" TIM CLAXTON
brandon wiard "miss michigan" BRANDON WIARD
brandy "never say never" KEVIN BRAY
brandy "who is she 2 u?" JAKE NAVA
brandy feat. kanye west "talk about our love" DAVE MEYERS
brassy "play some d" HAROON SYED
brassy "work it out" DAN FERBACH
brazil "escape" MICHAEL GRODNER
brazilian girls "don't stop (non-smoking version)" MICHAEL.
breeders "cannonball" KIM GORDON / SPIKE JONZE
breeders "saints" FRANK SACRAMENTO
brian jonestown massacre "when jokers attack" CHARLES MEHLING
brian mcknight "anytime" DARREN GRANT
brian mcknight "back at one" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
briggs "one shot down" JONATHAN RACH
bright eyes "bowl of oranges" CAT SOLEN
bright eyes "easy/lucky/free" LILY THORNE / LAURI FAGGIONI
bright eyes "first day of my life" JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL
bright eyes "lover i don't have to love (clean)" JAMES FROST
bright eyes "lover i don't have to love" JAMES FROST
british sea power "please stand up" NICK WICKHAM
britney spears "stronger" JOSEPH KAHN
broadcast "papercuts" BABAK / BROADCAST
broken social scene "anthems for a 17 year-old girl" YAEL STAAV
broken social scene "stars and sons" CHRISTOPHER MILLS
brownstone "if you love me" (valentines) JESSE VAUGHN
bruce springsteen "streets of philadelphia" JONATHAN DEMME / TED DEMME
bryan adams "have you ever really loved a woman" ANTON CORBIJN
bryan adams "this side of paradise" DICK CARRUTHERS
bubba sparxxx "back in the mudd" BRYAN BARBER
bubba sparxxx "deliverance" BRYAN BARBER
bubba sparxxx "lovely" CHRIS ROBINSON
bubba sparxxx "ugly" MARC KLASFELD
buckcherry "ridin'" MARCOS SIEGA
buffalo daughter "cyclic" DOUG AITKEN
buffalo daughter "great five lakes" EVAN BERNARD
buggles "video killed the radio star" RUSSEL MULCAHY
bumblebeez 81 "pony ride" JAMES HACKETT / CHRIS COLONNA
burlap to cashmere "eileen's song" JAMISON ERNEST / MORGAN HARRIS
burning brides "arctic snow" SCOTT WINIG
burning heads "wise guy" BURNING HEADS / JE SUIS BIEN CONTENT
burning spear "walk" GREG OLLIVER
burnt by the sun "forlani" ADAM AHLBRANT
burst "sculpt the lives" ULF SODERGREN / DAN BENGTSSON
bury your dead "the color of money" DALE RESTEGHINI / DAVE BRODSKY
bush "comedown" JAKE SCOTT
bush "everything zen" MATT MAHURIN
bush "glycerine" KEVIN KERSLAKE
bush "little things" MATT MAHURIN
bush "machinehead" SHAWN MORTENSEN
busta rhymes "dangerous" HYPE WILLIAMS
busta rhymes "fire" HYPE WILLIAMS / BUSTA RHYMES
busta rhymes "get out" HYPE WILLIAMS / BUSTA RHYMES
busta rhymes "gimme some mo'" HYPE DADDY / BUSTA REMO
busta rhymes "put your hands where my eyes could see" HYPE WILLIAMS / BUSTA RHYMES
busta rhymes "tear da roof off / party goin' on over here" HYPE WILLIAMS
busta rhymes "woo-hah!! got you all in check" HYPE WILLIAMS / BUSTA RHYMES
busta rhymes feat. janet "what's it gonna be?!" HYPE WILLIAMS / BUSTA RHYMES
butter 08 "butter of 69" EVAN BERNARD
butterfly boucher "another white dash" ALEX DE RAKOFF / BUTTERFLY
butthole surfers "pepper" GAVIN BOWDEN
byzar "phylyx" LUCY WALKER
c.j. bolland "sugar is sweeter" DAVID SLADE
c+c music factory "gonna make you sweat" MARCUS NISPEL
c+c music factory "things that make you go hmmmm..."
caesars "it's not the fall that hurts" CHRISTOPHER MILLS
caesars "jerk it out" JOAKIM AHLUND
cake "never there" JOHN MCCREA
cake "rock 'n' roll lifestyle" JOHN MCCREA / MARK KORNWEIBEL
cake "the distance" MARK KOHR
calexico "ballad of cable hogue" JOHN PIROZZI
calexico "quattro (world drifts in)" JOHN PIROZZI
calla "it dawned on me" MOH AZIMA
calla "televised" MOH AZIMA
camper van beethoven "51-7"
cantinero "make me an offer" MAD INJECTION
capitol k "pillow" DOMINIC LEUNG
carbon leaf "a life less ordinary" ELLIOTT LESTER
cardigans "carnival" BJORN LINDGREN
cardigans "erase:rewind" ADAM BERG
cardigans "for what it's worth" AMIR CHAMDIN
cardigans "lovefool" GEOFF MOORE
cardigans "my favourite game" JONAS ÅKERLUND
cardigans "you're the storm" AMIR CHAMDIN
carl hancock rux - epk STACIE PASSON
cars "drive" TIM HUTTON
cars "heartbeat city" LUIS AIRA
cars "hello again" ANDY WARHOL / DON MUNROE
cars "magic" TIM POPE
cars "panorama" GERALD V. CASALE
cars "shake it up" PAUL JUSTMAN
cars "why can't i have you" PETER RICHARDSON
cars "you might think" CHARLEX / JEFF STEIN
cassius "1999" ALEX & MARTIN
cassius "la mouche" ROMAN COPPOLA
cassius "the sound of violence" ALEX & MARTIN
cassius feat. jocelyn brown "i'm a woman" ALEX & MARTIN
cat power "cross bones style" BRETT VAPNEK
cat power "he war" BRETT VAPNEK
cat power "nude as the news" BRETT VAPNEK
catch 22 "hard to impress" CHRIS BUG
catch 22 "point the blame" RICHARD REINES
catch 22 "wine stained lips" MAJOR LIGHTNER
catherine "four leaf clover" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
catheters "nothing (clean version)" WHITEY MCCONNAUGHY
catheters "nothing" WHITEY MCCONNAUGHY
cato salsa experience "deadbeat" GEIR HENNING HOPLAND
cato salsa experience "so, the circus is back in town" GEIR HENNING HOPLAND
cause for alarm "lies" DARYL PATTERSON
cause for alarm "reflection" DARYL PATTERSON
ce ce peniston "i'm in the mood" ANTOINE FUQUA
celine dion "love can move mountains"
certain distant suns "bitter"
chad vangaalen "clinically dead" CHAD VANGAALEN
chaka khan "i feel for you" JANE SIMPSON
chalets "feel the machine" D.A.D.D.Y.
charizma and peanut butter wolf "red light, green light" ANDREW GURA
charlatans uk "forever" KEVIN GODLEY
charlie mars "try so hard"
chavez "break up your band" SCOTT MARSHALL
chavez "unreal is here" CLAY TARVER / SCOTT MARSHALL
chemical brothers "believe" DOM & NIC
chemical brothers "block rockin' beats" DOM & NIC
chemical brothers "elektrobank" SPIKE JONZE
chemical brothers "hey boy hey girl" DOM & NIC
chemical brothers "let forever be" MICHEL GONDRY
chemical brothers "life is sweet" WALTER STERN
chemical brothers "out of control" W.I.Z.
chemical brothers "setting sun" DOM & NIC
chemical brothers "star guitar" MICHEL GONDRY
chemical brothers "the boxer" NE-O
chemical brothers "the test" DOM & NIC
chemical brothers feat. k-os "get yourself high" JOSEPH KAHN
chemical brothers feat. the flaming lips "the golden path" CHRIS MILK
chemical brothers with q-tip "galvanize" ADAM SMITH
cherry poppin' daddies "brown derby jump" JAMIE CALIRI
cherry poppin' daddies "zoot suit riot" ISAAC CAMNER
chevelle "mia" JONATHAN RICHTER
chingy "balla baby" JEREMY RALL
chingy "one call away" ERIK WHITE
chingy feat. snoop dogg and ludacris "holidae in" JEREMY RALL
chocolate genius "my mom" MARC ANTHONY THOMPSON
chopper one "a punk named josh" BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT
chris clark "gob coitus" LYNNFOX
chris cornell "can't change me" JOHAN RENCK
chris glover "stand on your seat" MATT ORNSTEIN
chris isaak "blue hotel" MARK LEBON
chris isaak "dancin'" MARY LAMBERT
chris isaak "don't make me dream about you" GEOFFREY BARISH
chris isaak "somebody's crying" BILL POPE
chris isaak "wicked game" HERB RITTS
chris isaak "you owe me some kind of love" JEAN-BAPTISTE MONDINO
chris rock "no sex (in the champagne room)" LITTLE X
christina aguilera, lil' kim, pink, mya "lady marmalade" PAUL HUNTER
chromeo "needy girl" TOMORROW'S BRIGHTEST MINDS
chromeo "rage" MOH AZIMA
chumbawamba "on ebay"
churchills "sometimes your best isn't good enough" JOERG FOCKELE
cibo matto "sugar water" MICHEL GONDRY
cinematic orchestra feat. fontella bass "all that you give" EVA KATZENMAIER / RUSS MURPHY
circlesquare "7 minutes" JARON ALBERTIN
citizen cope "if there is love" ERIK WHITE
civ "can't wait one minute more" MARCOS SIEGA
cky "escape from hellview" BAM MARGERA
cky "inhuman creation station (behind the scenes)" BAM MARGERA
cky "inhuman creation station" BAM MARGERA
cky "plastic plan" BAM MARGERA
clash "radio clash"
clash "train in vain"
clearlake "almost the same" COBRA KAI
clinic "come into our room" SCOTT LYON
clint mansell "pi r2" DARREN ARONOFSKY
clinton "buttoned down disco" DOUGLAS AVERY
clipse "the funeral" MARC KLASFELD
clipse feat. ab-liva, pharrell, and rosco p. coldchain "hot damn" BENNY BOOM
cloud room, the "hey now now" ALEXANDER KANE
clutch "burning beard" JEREMY HUNT
clutch "the mob goes wild" BAM MARGERA
cocorosie "noah's ark" KAI REGAN
cocteau twins "evangeline" NICO BEYER
codec & flexor "time has changed" ERYC TRAMONN
coldcut "atomic moog 2000 (post nuclear afterlife mix)" CHANNEL ZERO
coldcut "atomic moog 2000" HEXSTATIC
coldcut "more and more beats and pieces" HEX
coldcut "more beats and pieces" HEXSTATIC
coldcut "music 4 no musicians" NIGEL SUMNER / CONER PATTERSON
coldcut "noahs toilet" TOM POLLOCK
coldcut "panopticon" NEIL GOODWIN
coldcut "timber (clifford gilberto 'a different forest')" JEAN-DAMIEN CHARRIERE
coldcut "timber (ebn mix)" EBN
coldcut "timber (lucky people centre 'civilisation')" LUCKY PEOPLE CENTRE
coldcut "timber (protean vision quest mix)" CONER PATTERSON
coldcut and hexstatic "frog jam" HEXSTATIC / COLDCUT
coldcut and hexstatic "natural rhythm" HEXSTATIC / COLDCUT
coldcut and hexstatic "timber" HEXSTATIC / COLDCUT
coldcut and the guilty party "re:volution" COLDCUT
coldplay "clocks (live)" PAUL SHYVERS
coldplay "don't panic" TIM HOPE
coldplay "fix you" SOPHIE MULLER
coldplay "in my place" SOPHIE MULLER
coldplay "moses" RUSSELL THOMAS
coldplay "shiver (live at the fillmore)" BOB STAPLES
coldplay "speed of sound" MARK ROMANEK
coldplay "the scientist" JAMIE THRAVES
coldplay "trouble" TIM HOPE
coldplay "yellow" JAMES & ALEX
collective soul "breathe" SAMUEL BAYER
collective soul "december" LYNN SPINNATO
collective soul "gel" DAVID CAMERON
collective soul "shine" KEN FOX
colleen "the happy sea" CAROLINA MELIS
collide "euphoria" KEVIN MCVEY
collide "son of a preacher man" KEVIN MCVEY
comas, the "dirty south" IF/THEN
comas, the "employment" IF/THEN
comas, the "falling" IF/THEN
comas, the "hologram" IF/THEN
comas, the "invisible drugs (version one)" IF/THEN
comas, the "invisible drugs (version two)" BRADLEY SCOTT
comas, the "moonrainbow" IF/THEN
comas, the "oh god" IF/THEN
comas, the "the last transmission" IF/THEN
comas, the "the science of your mind" IF/THEN
comas, the "tonight on the wb" IF/THEN
comeback kid "wake the dead" MARC RICCIARDELLI
common "go" KANYE WEST / MK12 / CONVERT
common & sadat x feat. talib kweli "one-nine-nine-nine" BETSY BLAKEMORE / JASONE GOLDWACH
common feat. lauryn hill "retrospect for life" LAURYN HILL
common feat. macy gray "geto heaven (remix t.s.o.i.)" NZINGHA STEWART
common feat. mary j. blige "come close" SANAA HAMRI / ?UESTO
common feat. the last poets "the corner" KANYE WEST
concrete blonde "take me home" DAN REID
console "14 zero zero" BORIS ENAUD
constantines "nighttime/anytime" ANTE KOVAC
coolio "1,2,3,4 (sumpin' new)" DAVID DOBKIN
coolio "fantastic voyage" F. GARY GRAY
coolio feat. l.v. "gangsta's paradise" ANTOINE FUQUA
copeland "pin your wings" ANDREW PAUL BOWSER
cornelius - "point" 5 tv commercials
cornelius "drop (do it again)" KOICHIRO TSUJIKAWA
cornelius "drop" KOICHIRO TSUJIKAWA
cornelius "i hate hate" KOICHIRO TSUJIKAWA
cornelius "point of view point" DAISUKE KITAYAMA
cornelius "smoke" DAISUKE KITAYAMA
cornelius "star fruits surf rider (edit version)" KEIGO OYAMADA
cornelius "star fruits surf rider" KEIGO OYAMADA
cornelius "tone twilight zone" KOICHIRO TSUJIKAWA
cornershop "brimful of asha" PHILIP HARDER
cornershop "lessons learned from rocky i to rocky iii" DOUGLAS AVERY
corrs "summer sunshine" KEVIN GODLEY
count the stars "taking it all back" MAJOR LIGHTNER
counting crows "accidentally in love (version one)"
counting crows "accidentally in love (version two)" MEIERT AVIS
counting crows "mr. jones" CHARLES WITTENMEIER
counting crows "mrs. potter's lullaby" OLIVIA D'ALBIS
counting crows "round here" MARK NEALE
counting crows feat. vanessa carlton "big yellow taxi" LIZ FRIEDLANDER
courtney love "mono" CHRIS MILK
cowboy junkies "miles from our home" JOSH LEVY
crack pipes "record player party" DIVYA SRINIVASAN
cracker "get off this" CARLOS GRASSO
cracker "low" CARLOS GRASSO
cracker "nothing to believe in" SAMUEL BAYER
craig armstrong feat. evan dando "wake up in new york"
craig armstrong feat. liz fraser "this love" NICK GORDON
craig mack feat. busta rhymes, notorious b.i.g, ll cool j, rampage "flava in ya ear (remix)" HYPE WILLIAMS
cramps "like a bad girl should" JIMMY MASLON
cranberries "dreams" (version one) PETER SCAMMELL
cranberries "dreams" (version two) NICO SOULTANAKIS
cranberries "free to decide" MARTY CALLNER
cranberries "linger" MELODIE MCDANIEL
cranberries "ode to my family" SAMUEL BAYER
cranberries "ridiculous thoughts" FRECKLES FLYNN [SAMUEL BAYER]
cranberries "salvation" OLIVIER DAHAN
cranberries "when you're gone" MARTY CALLNER
cranberries "zombie" (glitch) SAMUEL BAYER
crash test dummies "afternoons & coffeespoons" TIM HAMILTON
crash test dummies "he liked to feel it" KEN FOX
crash test dummies "mmm mmm mmm mmm" DALE HESLIP
crash test dummies "put a lid on things" CLARK EDDY
creed "bullets"
creeper lagoon "wrecking ball" CLARK EDDY
crisis "a blood burden" DARREN DOANE
crisis "waking the dead" BETH AMBER / CASEY SCHOWCHOW
criteria "prevent the world" JASON KULBEL
crooked fingers "new drink for the old drunk" ADAM LITTLE
crystal method "born too slow" GORE VERBINSKI
crystal method "busy child (version one)" LANCE BANGS
crystal method "comin' back" PETER CHRISTOPHERSON
crystal method "keep hope alive" DOUG LIMAN
crystal method "name of the game" MARCOS SIEGA
crystal method and filter "can't you trip like i do" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
crystal method feat. scott weiland "you know it's hard" MARCOS SIEGA
crystal sierra "playa no more" HYPE WILLIAMS
crystal waters "100% pure love" MARCUS NISPEL
cure "a letter to elise" AUBREY POWELL
cure "catch" TIM POPE
cure "close to me" TIM POPE
cure "cut here" RICHARD ANTHONY
cure "fascination street" TIM POPE
cure "friday i'm in love" TIM POPE
cure "gone!" STEVEN HANFT
cure "high" TIM POPE
cure "hot hot hot!!!" TIM POPE
cure "just like heaven" TIM POPE
cure "lovesong" TIM POPE
cure "lullaby" TIM POPE
cure "mint car" RICHARD HESLOP
cure "never enough" TIM POPE
cure "pictures of you" TIM POPE
cure "the 13th" SOPHIE MULLER
cure "why can't i be you?" TIM POPE
cure "wrong number" TIM POPE
cure, the "alt.end" THE SALINE PROJECT
cure, the "taking off" THE SALINE PROJECT
cursive "some red handed slight of hand" JUN KAWAGUCHI
cursive "the recluse" MIKE MALONE
cursive "these days" TRAVIS JOHN DOPP
cut copy "future" JARON ALBERTIN
cut copy "saturdays" DAN WHITFORD / ALTER
cyndi lauper "change of heart" ANDY MORAHAN
cyndi lauper "girls just want to have fun" EDD GRILES
cyndi lauper "hey now (girls just wanta have fun)" CYNDI LAUPER
cyndi lauper "i drove all night" SCOTT KALVERT / CYNDI LAUPER
cyndi lauper "i'm gonna be strong" CYNDI LAUPER
cyndi lauper "money changes everything (live in houston)" PAT BIRCH
cyndi lauper "sally's pigeons" CYNDI LAUPER
cyndi lauper "she bop" EDD GRILES
cyndi lauper "that's what i think" CYNDI LAUPER
cyndi lauper "the world is stone" JOHN MAYBURY
cyndi lauper "time after time" EDD GRILES
cyndi lauper "true colors" PAT BIRCH
cyndi lauper "what's going on" ANDY MORAHAN
cyndi lauper "who let in the rain" CYNDI LAUPER
cypress hill "how i could just kill a man"
cypress hill "insane in the brain" JOSH TAFT
czar-nok "pimp tight" J. JESSES SMITH
d-12 "my band" PHILIP G. ATWELL / EMINEM
d-12 "purple hills" JOSEPH KAHN
d-12 "shit on you" ESTEVAN ORIOL
d4 "get loose" MENSCH
daedelus "just briefly" DADA KINGZ
daft punk "around the world" MICHEL GONDRY
daft punk "da funk" SPIKE JONZE
daft punk "fresh" DAFT PUNK
daft punk "harder, better, faster, stronger" LEIJI MATSUMOTO AT TOEI ANIMATION STUDIOS
daft punk "revolution 909" ROMAN COPPOLA
damien jurado "lion tamer" RYER BANTA
damnwells "sleepsinging" ALEXANDER KANE
dan baird "i love you period" MARCUS BLUNDER
dan the automator feat. dj qbert "bear witness iii (once again)" SYD & ERIC
dana glover "thinking over" DAVID HOGAN
dandy warhols "bohemian like you" COURTNEY TAYLOR-TAYLOR
dandy warhols "boys better" ONDI TIMONER
dandy warhols "everyday should be a holiday" DAVID PALMER / SIDNEY / BARTHOLOMEW
dandy warhols "godless" CHRIS ANTHONY
dandy warhols "not if you were the last junkie on earth" DAVID LACHAPELLE
dandy warhols "smoke it" COURTNEY TAYLOR-TAYLOR
dandy warhols "we used to be friends" COURTNEY TAYLOR-TAYLOR / DAVID PALMER
d'angelo "brown sugar" BRETT RATNER
d'angelo "cruisin'" BRETT RATNER
d'angelo "send it on" DIANE MARTEL
d'angelo "untitled (how does it feel)" PAUL HUNTER / DOMINIQUE TRENIER
d'angelo feat. method man and redman "left and right" WILLIE LYNCH
danger mouse & jemini feat. cee-lo and tha liks "what u sittin' on (remix)" UP THE RESOLUTION
daniel ash "get out of control" HOWARD GREENHALGH
daniel ash "here she comes" JON KLEIN
daniel ash "this love"
daniel ash "walk this way"
dar williams "what do you hear in these sounds" CAITLIN FELTON
darkest hour "convalescence" DALE RESTEGHINI
darkest hour "oklahoma" SHARON MOONEY
darkness, the "growing on me" ALEX SMITH
darwin chamber "" XERXES INC.
dashboard confessional "hands down" NZINGHA STEWART
dashboard confessional "rapid hope loss" BRIAN SCOTT WEBER
datsuns "in love" ROBERT HALES
datsuns "mf from hell" TOMORROW'S BRIGHTEST MINDS
dave matthews band "ants marching" DAVID HOGAN
dave matthews band "crash into me" DEAN KARR
dave matthews band "satellite" WAYNE ISHAM
dave matthews band "so much to say" KEN FOX
dave matthews band "stay (wasting time)" DEAN KARR
dave matthews band "too much" KEN FOX
dave matthews band "what would you say?" DAVID HOGAN
dave navarro "hungry" CHRIS ROBINSON
dave navarro "rexall" HONEY
dave stewart "jealousy"
david bowie "heroes" STANLEY DORFMAN
david bowie "jump, they say" MARK ROMANEK
david bowie "little wonder" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
david bowie "thursday's child" WALTER STERN
david bowie feat. trent reznor "i'm afraid of americans" DOM & NIC
davd garza "discoball world" DAVID CARSON
david gray "babylon (version one)" KIERAN EVANS
david guetta "just a little more love" GUM RECORDS
david holmes "don't die just yet" DOUGLAS AVERY
david holmes "gritty shaker" JEZ MURRELL
david j "i'll be your chauffeur"
david lee roth "just a gigolo/ain't got nobody" PETE ANGELUS / DAVID LEE ROTH
david sylvian "red guitar" ANTON CORBIJN
day one "i'm doin' fine" NICK WOOD
day one "in your life" NICK WOOD
days of the new "enemy" JOHN SCHMIDLERI
days of the new "touch, peel & stand" FRANK OCKENFELS III
de la soul "me, myself and i"
dead can dance "american dreaming" MARK MAGIDSON
dead can dance "the carnival is over" ONDREJ RUDAVSKY
dead can dance "yulunga (spirit dance)" RON FRICKE
dead meadow "at her open door" ERIC CHEEVERS
deadsy "brand new love" THE DEADSY LEGIONS
deadsy "the key to gramercy park" FRED DURST
deaf union "on with the dead" PATRICK LEWTSCHANEN
deana carter "one day at a time"
death cab for cutie "a movie script ending" JOSH MELNICK / XANDER CHARITY
death cab for cutie "the new year" JAY MARTIN
death cab for cutie "the sound of settling" TOMORROW'S BRIGHTEST MINDS
death cab for cutie "title & registration" PATRICK DAUGHTERS
death from above 1979 "blood on our hands" CHRIS GRISMER
death from above 1979 "romantic rights" CHRIS GRISMER
death in vegas "aisha" TERRY RICHARDSON
death in vegas "dirt" ANDREA GIACOBBE
death in vegas "scorpio rising" MUTO MASASHI
deborah cox "sentimental"
decemberists "sixteen military wives" AARON STEWART
deep dish w/ everything but the girl "the future of the future (stay gold)" HUDS
deep forest "sweet lullaby (version one)" DAVID LODGE
deep forest "sweet lullaby (version two)" TARSEM
deftones "be quiet and drive (far away)" PURGE
deftones "change (in the house of flies)" LIZ FRIEDLANDER
deftones "my own summer (shove it)" DEAN KARR
deftones "white pony" SHAWN FOSTER
delgados "coming in from the cold"
delgados "everybody come down" MARTIN SMITH
delgados "everything goes around the water" HENRY JAMES
delgados "no danger" MORAG MCKINNON
demon hunter "not ready to die" DEREK DALE
denise james "love has got me crying again" NICOLAS SMITH
depeche mode "a question of lust" CLIVE RICHARDSON
depeche mode "a question of time" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "barrel of a gun" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "behind the wheel" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "condemnation (live)" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "dream on" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
depeche mode "enjoy the silence" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "everything counts (live)" D.A. PENNEBAKER
depeche mode "home" STEVE GREEN
depeche mode "i feel you" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "in your room" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "it's no good" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "little 15" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "never let me down again" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "only when i lose myself" BRIAN GRIFFIN
depeche mode "personal jesus" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "policy of truth" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "strangelove" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "stripped" PETER CARE
depeche mode "useless" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "walking in my shoes" ANTON CORBIJN
depeche mode "world in my eyes" ANTON CORBIJN
desert sessions "crawl home" HAL HARTLEY
des'ree "feel so high" MARCUS BLUNDER
des'ree "you gotta be" PAUL BOYD
destiny's child "bills, bills, bills" DARREN GRANT
destiny's child "jumpin' jumpin" JOSEPH KAHN
detetives "nada automatica" LOBO
devendra banhart "a ribbon" LAURI FAGGIONI / MICHEL GONDRY
devendra banhart "at the hop (extended version)" ISAIAH SERET / SCOTT DIAMOND
devendra banhart "at the hop" ISAIAH SERET / SCOTT DIAMOND
devendra banhart "little yellow spider" MORGAN LEBUS
devo "beautiful world" GERALD V. CASALE
devo "come back jonee" GERALD V. CASALE / CHUCK STATLER
devo "devo corporate anthem" GERALD V. CASALE
devo "disco dancer" GERALD V. CASALE
devo "freedom of choice" GERALD V. CASALE / CHUCK STATLER
devo "girl u want" GERALD V. CASALE / CHUCK STATLER
devo "jocko homo" CHUCK STATLER
devo "love without anger" GERALD V. CASALE
devo "peek-a-boo" GERALD V. CASALE
devo "post post-modern man (version one)" GERALD V. CASALE
devo "post post-modern man (version two)" ROCKY SCHENCK
devo "satisfaction" GERALD V. CASALE / CHUCK STATLER
devo "secret agent man" CHUCK STATLER
devo "that's good" GERALD V. CASALE
devo "the day my baby gave me a surprise" GERALD V. CASALE / CHUCK STATLER
devo "through being cool" GERALD V. CASALE
devo "time out for fun" GERALD V. CASALE
devo "whip it" GERALD V. CASALE
devo "worried man" GERALD V. CASALE
dhs "house of god" BEN STOKES
dido "here with me" BIG TV!
digable planets "rebirth of slick (cool like dat)"
digital underground "the humpty dance"
dilated peoples "the platform" SANJI
dilated peoples "worst comes to worst" JASON GOLDWACH
dilated peoples feat. kanye west "this way" DAVE MEYERS
dilema "definition of bad" J. JESSES
dillinger escape plan "panasonic youth" JOSH GRAHAM
dillinger escape plan "setting fire to sleeping giants" DALE RESTEGHINI
dimitri from paris "sacré francais" OLIVIER KUNTZEL / FLORENCE DEYGAS
dimitri from paris "une very stylish fille" OLIVIER KUNTZEL / FLORENCE DEYGAS
dinosaur jr. "feel the pain" SPIKE JONZE
dionne farris "i know" ZACK SNYDER
diplo feat. sandra melody "diplo rhythm" CALÉ / DIPLO / LEANDRO
dire straits "money for nothing (chicks for free)" STEVE BARRON
dirty vegas "days go by" ROB LEGGATT / LEIGH MARLING
dirty vegas "walk into the sun" MARC WEBB
dishwalla "counting blue cars" CHRIS APPLEBAUM
dismemberment plan "time bomb" RUBEN FLEISCHER
dissociatives "somewhere down the barrel" JAMES HACKETT
diverse feat. lyrics born and rjd2 "explosive" SEVEN-3.6 / CHRIS EICHENSEER
dizzee rascal "dream" DOUGAL WILSON
dizzee rascal "fix up, look sharp" RUBEN FLEISCHER
dizzee rascal "stand up tall" RUBEN FLEISCHER
dj format feat. chali 2na and akil "we know something you don't know" RUBEN FLEISCHER
dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince "parents just don't understand" SCOTT KALVERT
dj ming & fs "breathless" BRANT SERSEN
dj ming & fs "madhattan bound" BRANT SERSEN / MIKEY JACKSON
dj qbert "sneak attack" SYD GARON / ERIC HENRY
dj quik "you'z a ganxta" ERIC MEZA
dj shadow "high noon" BRIAN CROSS
dj shadow "midnight in a perfect world" B+
dj shadow "six days" WONG KAR-WAI
dj shadow "walkie talkie" BEN STOKES
dj shadow feat. lateef the truth speaker "mashin' on the motorway" BEN STOKES / DOUG CARNEY
dj soulslinger "chega de saudade" CARLIN / ZURKOW
dj soulslinger "go, go" JACXSON KAMHAJIX
dj spooky "peace in zaire" DANIEL BURNS
dj vadim feat. blu rum 13 "it's obvious" ROB HEYDON
dj vadim feat. vakill "it's on" SAM ARTHUR
don henley "boys of summer" JEAN BAPTISTE MONDINO
donald fagen "snowbound" MICHEL GONDRY
donna lewis "i love you always forever" RANDEE ST. NICHOLAS
donna summer "let's hear it for the boy"
donnas "fall behind me" TOMORROW'S BRIGHTEST MINDS
dot allison "strung out" JAKE & JIM
double, the "idiocy" MATT GOLDMAN
doughnuts "drowning" DAN STEGER
doughnuts "feel me bleed" POWER MEDIA
doves "black and white town" LYNNE RAMSAY
doves "catch the sun" SOPHIE MULLER
doves "caught by the river" DAVID MOULD
doves "snowden" DOMINIC LEUNG
doves "the man who told everything" SAM BROWN
doves "there goes the fear" JULIAN GIBBS / JULIAN HOUSE
down by law "question marks and periods" JASON AND BRENDAN
downtown singapore "velvet divorce" TYLER LAMBERT
dr. dre "let me ride" DR. DRE
dr. dre "nuthin' but a 'g' thang" DR. DRE
dr. octagon "blue flowers" JOHN J. ASSALIAN
dredg "same ol' road" AMERICAN MCGEE
dresden dolls "girl anachronism" MICHAEL POPE
drive by truckers "never gonna change" ELEANOR
dropkick murphy's "barroom hero" SHARI SKLAR
dropkick murphy's "ten years of service" SHARI SKLAR
drowning pool "sinner" GREGORY DARK
drowning pool "tear away" GLEN BENNETT
drugstore feat. thom yorke "el presidente" TONY VAN DENENDE
dub pistols "official chemical" ALEX DE RAKOFF
dudley perkins "money" ANDREW GURA
duhks, the "mists of down below" KRISTIN MARLOWE
duran duran "a view to a kill" GODLEY & CREME
duran duran "all she wants is" DEAN CHAMBERLAIN
duran duran "burning the ground" ADRIAN MARTIN
duran duran "come undone (censored version)" JULIEN TEMPLE
duran duran "come undone" JULIEN TEMPLE
duran duran "electric barbarella" ELLEN VON UNWERTH
duran duran "girls on film (alternate ending)" GODLEY & CREME
duran duran "girls on film (short censored version)" GODLEY & CREME
duran duran "girls on film" GODLEY & CREME
duran duran "hungry like the wolf" RUSSEL MULCAHY
duran duran "I don't want your love" THE MOLOTOV BROTHERS
duran duran "is there something I should know?" RUSSELL MULCAHY
duran duran "my own way" RUSSELL MULCAHY
duran duran "new moon on monday (edit version one)" BRIAN GRANT
duran duran "new moon on monday (edit version two)" BRIAN GRANT
duran duran "new moon on monday (movie version)" BRIAN GRANT
duran duran "new moon on monday (top of the pops)" BRIAN GRANT
duran duran "new moon on monday" BRIAN GRANT
duran duran "notorious" PETER KAGAN / PAUL GREIF
duran duran "ordinary world" NICK EGAN
duran duran "planet earth (club version)"
duran duran "planet earth" RUSSELL MULCAHY
duran duran "rio" RUSSELL MULCAHY
duran duran "save a prayer" RUSSELL MULCAHY
duran duran "serious" BIG TV!
duran duran "skin trade" PETER KAGAN / PAUL GREIF
duran duran "the chauffeur" IAN EMES
duran duran "the reflex" RUSSELL MULCAHY
duran duran "too much information" JULIEN TEMPLE
duran duran "union of the snake (dancing on the valentine version)" SIMON MILNE
duran duran "union of the snake" SIMON MILNE
duran duran "wild boys (long arena version)" RUSSELL MULCAHY
duran duran "wild boys" RUSSELL MULCAHY
duran duran feat.... "white lines" NICK EGAN
dwight yoakam "intentional heartache" DWIGHT YOAKAM
dying fetus "one shot, one kill" KIP BISSELL
dysrhythmia "my relationship" JUSTIN ZANGERLE
eagle-eye cherry "don't give up" YAEL STAAV
eagle-eye cherry "falling in love again" (us version) STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
eagles of death metal "i only want you" JAY MARTIN
eagles of death metal "speaking in tongues" GARY SMITHSON
earlimart "heaven adores" MASAYOSHI NAKAMURA
earlimart "lost at sea" ELFISH DESIGN
earth crisis "nemesis" BRIAN DEE
east side "smoother" MARCOS SIEGA
eat static "interceptor"
ebn (emergency broadcast network) "fully comply/tv or not tv" EBN
ebony eyes "in ya face" LIFE GARLAND
echo and the bunnymen "seven seas" ANTON CORBIJN
echo and the bunnymen "the game" ANTON CORBIJN
ed harcourt "apple of my eye" CYNDI RHOADES
ed harcourt "she fell into my arms" ANDY HUTCH
eddie murphy feat. michael jackson "whatzupwitu" WAYNE ISHAM
eddy grant "electric avenue" STEVE BARRON
edie brickell "good times" ALAIN DUPLANTIER
edie brickell & the new bohemians "what i am" JONAS LIVINGSTON
edwin mccain "i could not ask for more" ROGER PISTOLE
edwin torres "death valley" KRISTINE DIEKMAN
edwyn collins "a girl like you" JOHN FLANSBURGH
eek a mouse "schizophrenic" DICK BANGHAM
eels "cancer for the cure" HAMMER & TONGS
eels "novacaine for the soul" MARK ROMANEK
eels "souljacker pt. 1" WIM WENDERS
eels "your lucky day in hell" JAMIE CALIRI
efterklang "swarming" KARIM GHAHWAGI
einstürzende neubauten "stella maris" JONATHAN BATOWSKI
eisley "marvelous things"
elastica "car song" SPIKE JONZE
elastica "connection" DAVID MOULD
elastica "stutter" (version three) DAVID MOULD
elbow "asleep in the back" SAM BROWN
elbow "fallen angel" SAM BROWN
elbow "newborn" SOUP COLLECTIVE
electric six "dance commander" RUBEN FLEISCHER
electric six "danger! high voltage" KUNTZ & MAGUIRE
electric six "gay bar" KUNTZ & MAGUIRE
electrocute "kleiner dicker junge" DANIELLE PICCIOTTO
elliott smith - lucky three JEM COHEN
elliott smith - strange parallel STEVEN HANFT
elliott smith "son of sam" AUTUMN DEWILDE
el-p "deep space 9mm" BRIAN BELETIC
el-p "stepfather factory" PLATES ANIMATION
elton john "all that i'm allowed (i'm thankful)" DAVID LA CHAPELLE
elton john "made in england" HOWARD GREENHALGH
eltro "motorboat" ADAM BLUMING
elvis costello and the imposters "monkey to man" JESSE DYLAN
embrace "all you good good people" JOHN HILLCOAT
emiliana torrini "sunny road" ALI TAYLOR
emily's sassy lime "bait and switch" SADIE SHAW
eminem "like toy soldiers" THE SALINE PROJECT
eminem "lose yourself" PHILIP G. ATWELL / EMINEM / PAUL ROSENBERG
eminem "my name is" DR. DRE / PHILIP ATWELL
eminem "the real slim shady" DR. DRE / PHILIP ATWELL
eminem "the way i am" PAUL HUNTER
eminem "without me" JOSEPH KAHN
eminem feat. dido "stan" PHILIP ATWELL / DR. DRE
eminem feat. dr. dre "guilty conscience" DR. DRE / PHILIP G. ATWELL
enigma "age of loneliness (carly's song)" BIG TV!
enigma "beyond the invisible" JULIEN TEMPLE
enigma "gravity of love" THOMAS JOB
enigma "mea culpa" HOWARD GREENHALGH
enigma "principles of lust" HOWARD GREENHALGH
enigma "push the limits" THOMAS JOB
enigma "return to innocence" JULIEN TEMPLE
enigma "sadeness (part 1)" MICHEL GUIMBARD
enigma "t.n.t. for the brain" ANTHEA BENTON
enigma "the eyes of truth" JULIEN TEMPLE
enigma "the rivers of belief" HOWARD GREENHALGH
enigma "voyageur" THOMAS JOB
enon "carbonation" PAUL CORDES WILM
enon "pleasure and privilege" CLARK VOGELER
enrique iglesias feat. kelis "not in love" JAKE NAVA
envogue "don't let go (love)" ALAN SMITHEE
envogue "free your mind" MARK ROMANEK
envogue "giving him something he can feel" STEPHAN WUERNITZER
envogue "riddle" LEN WISEMAN
envogue "whatever" MATTHEW ROLSTON
enya "anywhere is" DAVID SCHEINMANN
enya "caribbean blue" MICHAEL GEOGHEGAN
enya "evening falls..." MICHAEL GEOGHEGAN
enya "orinoco flow" MICHAEL GEOGHEGAN
enya "storms in africa" MICHAEL GEOGHEGAN
eric b. & rakim "eric b. is president" (yo! mtv raps)
erick sermon feat. marvin gaye "music" J. JESSES SMITH
erlend øye "sudden rush" JARVIS COCKER / MARTIN WALLACE
erykah badu "bag lady" ERYKAH BADU
erykah badu "didn't cha know" JAKE SCOTT
erykah badu "next lifetime" ERYKAH BADU / TROY MONTGOMERY SMITH
erykah badu "on and on" PAUL HUNTER
erykah badu "tyrone" ERYKAH BADU
esthero "that girl" PATRICK HOELCK
eternal "stay" MARCUS NISPEL
etienne charry "a bomb" JAN BRZECKOWSKI
etienne de crécy "am i wrong" GEOFFROY DE CRÉCY
etienne de crécy "scratched" GEOFFROY DE CRÉCY
etienne de crécy "tempovision" GEOFFROY DE CRÉCY
eurostar "ye ye" GABRIEL MALAPRADE
eurythmics "angel" SOPHIE MULLER
eurythmics "beethoven (i love to listen to)" SOPHIE MULLER
eurythmics "don't ask me why" SOPHIE MULLER
eurythmics "here comes the rain again" DAVE STEWART / JOHN GERSCHFIELD / JON ROSEMAN
eurythmics "i need a man" SOPHIE MULLER
eurythmics "it's alright (baby's coming back)" WILLY SMAX
eurythmics "julia" CHRIS ASHBROOK
eurythmics "love is a stranger" MIKE BRADY
eurythmics "miracle of love" DAVE STEWART
eurythmics "missionary man" WILLY SMAX
eurythmics "right by your side" CHRIS ASHBROOK / JON ROSEMAN
eurythmics "sex crime (1984)" CHRIS ASHBROOK
eurythmics "sweet dreams (are made of this)" DAVE STEWART / CHRIS ASHBROOK
eurythmics "the king & queen of america" WILLY SMAX
eurythmics "there must be an angel..." EDDIE ARNO / MARK INNOCENTI
eurythmics "thorn in my side" CHRIS ASHBROOK / DAVE STEWART
eurythmics "when tomorrow comes" CHRIS ASHBROOK / DAVE STEWART
eurythmics "who's that girl?" DUNCAN GIBBONS
eurythmics "would i lie to you?" MARY LAMBERT
eurythmics "you have placed a chill in my heart" SOPHIE MULLER
eurythmics feat. aretha franklin "sisters are doin' it for themselves" EDDIE ARNO / MARK INNOCENTI
eve feat. faith evans "love is blind" DAVE MEYERS
eve feat. gwen stefani "let me blow ya mind" PHILIP ATWELL
everclear "brown eyed girl" ART ALEXAKIS
everclear "santa monica" MARK KOHR
everclear "volvo driving soccer mom" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
everclear "you make me feel like a whore" MARK KOHR
everything but the girl "five fathoms" MARK SZASZY
everything but the girl "missing (remix)" MARK SZASZY
everything but the girl "wrong" BIG TV!
eve's plum "i want it all" RICHARD REINES
exhumed "the matter of splatter" IVAN LANDAU
exies "my goddess" DIANE MARTEL
exies "ugly" MAT KIRKBY
fabolous "breathe" ERIK WHITE
fabolous "young'n (holla back)" LITTLE X
fabolous feat. mike shorey "baby" ERIK WHITE
fabolous feat. nate dogg "can't deny it" LITTLE X
failure "stuck on you" PHILIP HARDER / KEN ANDREWS
faint, the "agenda suicide" MK12
faint, the "i disappear (album cut)" THE FAINT
faint, the "i disappear (radio edit)" THE FAINT
faith evans "mesmerized" BRYAN BARBER
faithless "insomnia" LINDY HEYMANN
falco "rock me amadeus" FRANK ALCHEZAR / RUDI DOLEZAL
falling up "escalates" BRAD WASKEWICH
fam-lay "rock n' roll" VEM AND TONY
fan_3 "geek love" NZINGHA STEWART
fannypack "cameltoe" KURT ST. THOMAS / DB ANIMATION
fantastic plastic machine "take me to the disco" TAKESHI NAKAMURA
fastball "fire escape" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
fat joe "so much more" R. MALCOLM JONES
fat joe feat. nelly "get it poppin'" CHRIS ROBINSON
fatboy slim "build it up, tear it down" PATRICK TICHY
fatboy slim "don't let the man get you down" BRIAN BELETIC
fatboy slim "gangster tripping" ROMAN COPPOLA
fatboy slim "going out of my head" DOUG AITKEN
fatboy slim "praise you" TORRANCE COMMUNITY DANCE GROUP
fatboy slim "slash dot dash" TIM POPE
fatboy slim "sunset (bird of prey)" ROB LEGGATT / LEIGH MARLING
fatboy slim "the joker" JON WATTS
fatboy slim "the rockafeller skank" DOUG AITKEN
fatboy slim "weapon of choice" SPIKE JONZE
fatboy slim feat. lateef "wonderful night" JON WATTS
fatlip "what's up fatlip?" SPIKE JONZE
faultline "biting tongues" VERNIE YEUNG
feable weiner "san deem us ready" ZACH MERCK
features, the "blow it out" CHAD DENNING
features, the "the way it's meant to be" CHAD DENNING
feeder "insomnia" STUART GOSLING
feist "inside and out" RAMON & PEDRO
felix da housecat "rocket ride" LOGAN
felix da housecat "silver screen shower scene" TITUS VON LILIEN
felix da housecat "what does it feel like?" ELLIOT CHAFFER
fenin "none of them" JASON MACFARLANE
figgs "favorite shirt" NORWOOD CHEEK
fight, the "revolution calling"
finch "bitemarks and bloodstains" MICHAEL PALMIERI
fingathing "superhero music" JOHN SHEARLOCK / DOTTI COLVIN
finley quaye "sunday shining" JAMES BROWN
finley quaye "your love gets sweeter" JAMES BROWN
finn brothers "won't give in"
fiona apple "criminal" MARK ROMANEK
fiona apple "fast as you can" PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON
fiona apple "limp" PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON
fiona apple "never is a promise" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
fiona apple "shadowboxer" JIM GABLE
fiona apple "sleep to dream" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
firebird band "satellite delay" BRADLEY SCOTT
firewater "green light" SALLY NORVELL
fischerspooner "emerge" WARREN AND KAREN FISCHER / JON KANE
fischerspooner "just let go" JON KANE
fischerspooner "never win" WARREN FISCHER / JON KANE
fischerspooner "the 15th" KAREN & WARREN FISCHER
fitness, the "day job" ERIC KING
flaming lips "are you a hypnotist??" GEORGE SALISBURY
flaming lips "bad days" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "be my head" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "christmas at the zoo" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "do you realize?? (verison one)" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "do you realize?? (version two)" MARK PELLINGTON
flaming lips "everyone wants to live forever" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "fight test" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "frogs" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "mr. ambulance driver" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "phoebe battles the pink robots" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "race for the prize" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "she don't use jelly" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "spongebob and patrick confront the psychic wall of energy" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "this here giraffe" SOFIA COPPOLA
flaming lips "turn it on" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "waitin' for a superman" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "when you smile" WAYNE COYNE
flaming lips "yoshimi battles the pink robots pt. 1" WAYNE COYNE
flanger "options in the fire" DIRK HOLZBERG
fleetwood mac "hold me"
flipsyde "someday" JAMES COX
floetry "floetic" MARC KLASFELD
floetry "getting late (live)" JIM GABOUR
floetry "say yes" JEREMY RALL
floetry feat. mos def "wanna b where u r (thisizzaluvsong)" NZINGHA STEWART
flogging molly "drunken lullabies" WHITEY MCCONNAUGHY
flogging molly "seven deadly sins" PJ FIDLER
fluke "atom bomb" SHAUN MAGHER
flyleaf "breathe today" DAVE GARCIA
folk implosion "natural one" THE UDRIS BROTHERS
foo fighters "big me" JESSE PERETZ
foo fighters "breakout" THE MALLOYS
foo fighters "everlong" MICHEL GONDRY
foo fighters "i'll stick around" GERALD CASALE
foo fighters "learn to fly" JESSE PERETZ
foo fighters "walking after you" MATTHEW ROLSTON
forecast, the "these lights" MAJOR LIGHTNER
forest for the trees "dream" KEVIN GODLEY
fountains of wayne "denise" TRYAN GEORGE
fountains of wayne "mexican wine" CHRIS APPLEBAUM
four tet "smile around the face" DAN WILDE
frank black "los angeles" JOHN FLANSBURGH
franka potente "believe" ROBERT WILDE
franz ferdinand "take me out" JONAS ODELL
frausdots "dead wrong" ROBERT SCHOBER
frédéric galliano & african divas "alla cassi magni" FRÉDÉRIC GALLIANO
free kitten "teenie weenie boppie" KIM GORDON / KATIE ERDMAN
freestylers feat. definition of sound "here we go" KEN FOX
freestylers feat. tenor fly "b-boy stance" HUGO LEVIEN / SONNI MODI
frente "sit on my hands"
frente! "bizarre love triangle" JOHN HILLCOAT / POLLY BORLAND
frente! "labour of love" SIMON OBARZANEK
freya "as the last light drains" DARREN DOANE / SHANE C. DRAKE
frickin' a featuring rick springfield "jessie's girl" BILL FISHMAN
front 242 "front by front" ANTON CORBIJN
frou frou "breathe in" MICHAEL LIPSCOMBE
fruit bats "lives of crime" GREG BROWN
frumpies "be good"
frumpies "intertube tomorrow"
fu manchu "evil eye" THE MARSH
fu manchu "written in stone" SHANE C. DRAKE
fu schnickens (feat. shaquille o'neal) "what's up doc? (can we rock)" SARAH PIROZEK
fugees "fu-gee-la" GUY GUILLET
fugees "killing me softly" ASWAD AYINDE
fugees "ready or not" MARCUS NISPEL
fun lovin' criminals "big night out" JOEL PRONT
fun lovin' criminals "scooby snacks" GAVIN BOWDEN
fun lovin' criminals "the king of new york" FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS / JOEL PRONT
funeral for a friend "monsters" PAUL MINOR
funki porcini "atomic kitchen" FUNKI PORCINI
funki porcini "rockit soul" FUNKI PORCINI
funki porcini "the great drive by" FUNKI PORCINI / TEAM ALCOHOL
funki porcini "what are you looking at?" FUNKI PORCINI
funkstörung "fat camp feva" TRANSFORMA
f-ups "all the young dudes" ALASTAIR MCKEVITT
f-ups "look at your son now" LEX SIDON / KATE MILLER
furslide "love song" MARCEL LANGENEGGER
further seems forever "light up ahead" PLATES ANIMATION
future sound of london "amoeba" BUGGY G. RIPHEAD
future sound of london "dead cities" BUGGY G. RIPHEAD / F.S.O.L.
future sound of london "max" BUGGY G. RIPHEAD / F.S.O.L.
future sound of london "my kingdom" BILL EAGLES / PAUL SIMPSON / F.S.O.L.
future sound of london "we have explosive" RUN WRAKE
futureshock "late at night" NE-O